The Gravy Train Won’t Last Forever

First, the chattering class told us the economy suffered every time crude went up. Now They’re telling us the unlimited data plan economy is suffering because the price of oil is going down. (Heck, energy isn’t even in the CPI basket of prices!). Well, out here in the wild Pacific Northwest, I see a couple of the luxury RV coach builders (Marathon and Country Coach) firing up again, putting guys to work after a long hiatus; the airlines are starting to compete on price again; and I’m loving having to put out just 20 bucks to fill my gas tank rather than the $35-$40 I used to spend on Malaysia broadband data package, sometimes twice a week. Here’s the deal: Most of us understand this gravy train won’t last forever. So, we’re keeping our powder dry. When you’ve been as bruised up as we’ve been since late 2007, you tend to be a little cautious, you know? Now, multiply this reply by about 50 million and you get the idea. So we’re now supposed to count on cuts in the price of oil to lift our disposable income. It’s better than giving us the raises we need. Lower gas prices don’t change the fact that fossil fuels won’t last forever. It doesn’t change the fact that we need to develop alternate sources of energy or all the advances we’ve made will be worthless because we are still basing our advances on fossil fuel technology. It’s more important to protect the feelings and money of the 1%, to allow CEOs to continue making 300-400 times more than the rest of us, to keep telling us that we don’t rate for assistance while handing out massive government assistance to “job creators” and businesses that offshore jobs we can do. Forgive me if I’ve stopped spending on all but the bare necessities: cheapest mobile broadband, rent, food, utilities, clothing, and the occasional prescription. I’m saving for my next bout of long term unemployment and, since I’m well over 50 I know that I won’t find a job that pays enough to keep body and soul together.

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