Preparing the perfect present

Cooking for your (future) partner can be a challenging but (hopefully) rewarding task if you don’t know her preferences. An easy man could just ask her what kind of date she expects and then adjust to the event by selecting a few dishes which she (hopefully) likes and add a nice glass of wine. Or you can show her your mixology skills and make some cocktails for you and her. Optional: you can also hire a mixologist who will prepare the drinks for you and your love.

Choosing the right drink is like using the right type of cutlery during your dinner. The rough-and-ready rule for wines is probably: “Red wine with meat and white wine with fish”, but when do you use red wine and which kind of red wine would you choose for which course? Would you pick the best red wine for this special moment or would you buy a cheap bottle? Time to find out!

Check out the video below for more explanaiton about your favourite red wine.

Common rules for wine etiquette are during multiple-course menus for example:

  • First the younger wine then the older wine
  • Dry wine before sweet wine
  • White wine before red wine
  • The better the wine the latter the serve

Seems like a lot to remember, right? Luckily for you, you can also print this cheat sheet to study which wine is compatible with which dish:


For etiquette there are a few general thoughts depending on the amount of courses your dinner will have:

Appetizing appetizer

mixology 3

First the appetizer, which you can combine with a light dry wine, preferably not a heavy white wine such as Chardonnay or the Cabernet Blanc. Usually wines with an alcohol percentage above 13.5% are considered as full bodied wines. Optional: the salad can also serve as a first course which can easily be combined with the lighter types of wines. Usually people choose to combine a white wine with the salad.

Magnificient main course


Depending on the kind of main course you will make, the wine can complement the dish or ruin it. Choosing the right wine can be an important task, but also quite difficult if you are not a frequent drinker. For fish, shellfish and seafood I would recommend a dry white wine but depending on the kind of fish you want to eat the options are quite large. As for chicken, veal and pork the options to choose from are also immense. Would a red wine be better with the chicken or might white wine taste better? Luckily for you, there is an article which will help you make the right decision to pair with your main course. Check it out at

Deserving dessert

mixology 4

Thirdly the dessert or pudding. Usually people choose a fruity wine to finish the dinner. The common rule for this is to choose a sweeter wine than the dessert if you are not sure which wine to choose.

And last but not least, try to experiment! There are a lot of rules which allow or forbid you to combine some types of food with some kinds of wine, but in the end it is your own challenging adventure. Of course you have to consider the personal taste of your lover. And of course, if you still don’t know which kind of wine can be combined with your preferred dish, you can always ask your local wine seller.

Do you have any other tips to make it a perfect evening or would you recommend something else?

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