Be Prepared For Your Fine Dining In KL : A Guide To Table Manners


From time to time, everyone has a fancy dinner at a restaurant in KL. While visiting a fine dining restaurant, it is important that you know your etiquette so you won´t blunder in front of all of your guests.

Most of the time, etiquette is nothing more than using your common sense, but in some situations it is important that you know how to behave properly. Therefore we will now tell you all the necessary table manners to make sure you are ready to enjoy your meal carelessly and decently!

Prepare yourself

Before you go to the restaurant, it might be smart to look through the menu card online. This way you get a good impression of the available options and you prevent yourself from asking endless questions to the waiters. Besides, you can also look up the itinerary to be sure you arrive on time. It is not that common to arrive late at your fine dining.  

Always dress appropriate

During your fine dining, there are many obstacles you can encounter that can make you feel uncomfortable. At least don’t let this happen when you enter the restaurant. Appropriate clothes are a must when you go fine-dining. Keep in mind, no flip flops, short pants, t shirts or clothes that are too revealing. A blouse, jacket and pantalon for men and a cocktail dress for women will always do good. Also beforehand check the website of the restaurant. Often there are some rules concerning the dress code.

At the table

As you are arriving at the table, don’t use the table as a place to put your bag, keys or phone. It’s not really appropriate to place these on the table. Sit straight at the table, you don’t want to give the impression that you’re bored. If you want to sit back you should do that at a lounge in KL.
After you sit down, place the napkin open on your lap. If the napkin is almost as big as a blanket, keep it folded closed on your lap because otherwise it looks very messy. During dinner, make sure you keep your elbows on the table.


Order the right wine

Male and female hands toasting wine glasses.

Besides a very exceptional winecard,
fine dining in KL also means a serious winecard.  Do you have no clue at all how to order wine? Ask the sommelier to help you. You can point out wines in your price class and he will advise a wine that fits your dinner. Don’t tell him your maximum budget as this is kind of disrespectful.

During dinner

However hungry you might be, don’t start eating when your host hasn’t started yet. Often the host will first give a toast and then tell you to start eating. Also try to have dinner at the same speed, you don’t want your guests to feel hurried when you already finished your meal. Stay at the table till everyone is finished with their meal. If you really need to go to the toilet, just tell your guests “Excuse me”. Don’t tell them in detail what you are going to do.

Don’t yell at the waiter

This is really unpolite. Yelling, whistling or saying ‘hey’ are the perfect example of how you are not supposed to get attention. Eye contact is a better option and if this does not work, you can always slightly lift your right hand.

Using your cutlery

You use your cutlery from the outside to the inside and never point your knife or fork with the points to the table. Take small bites and don’t rush, because you have to enjoy your food. One last important thing is how to lay down your cutlery when you have finished your food. If you want to pause your dinner, you place your cutlery across your plate.
Think about it as reading a clock. The tip of the fork points at the 2 and the tip of the knife points at the 10. When you finished your whole dinner, you place your knife and fork together with the tip aiming at 10 and the end aiming at the 4.

Check out the video below to learn some good table manners, so you can soon be fine dining in KL.

Now that you have read these tips, you are ready to enjoy your fine dining experience without having to worry about your behaviour.