Curtain Cleaning For Dummies


Curtains can really make or break your interior. Therefore it is important that you choose the right window decoration. Whats even more important, and often forgotten, is the curtain cleaning process. Many people don’t really know how they can best clean their curtains and therefore just let them be.

Of course, you can choose to dry clean the curtains at a shop. Dry cleaning curtains is much more convenient as you don’t have to work on it, but at the same time it is also a lot more expensive than doing it yourself. People often think that doing it yourself is a big hassle. Actually.. it’s not that hard at all and this article is here to prove that.

First of all; how often do you need to clean your curtains?
Luckily this is easy and is completely up to you. In houses where smoking is allowed, it is smart to wash them more often than in houses where people don’t smoke. Check around once a month if your curtains are still smelling fresh or if they need to be washed. Check white curtains more often for yellow stains. The earlier you notice this, the easier they can be cleaned. It would be a waste of your money if they get ruined by not taking care of them.

How do I clean my curtains?
The method used to clean your curtains is completely dependent on what material
your curtains are made of. Often, there are instructions written on the label in your curtains which can help you. Still, these instructions are often very unclear so the following tips will clear up the confusion!

  1. Firstly, take the curtains off the curtain track and shake them outcurtaincleaning4
    outside to get rid of a big part of the dust. For a smaller clean up, you can just hang them outside
    (preferably when it’s misty) and they will smell fresh again in no time!
  2. After this, check the labels as mentioned before, for the right cleaning process. Curtains with an
    A, P or F on it are meant to be cleaned at a dry cleaning store. All other curtains can be washed yourself.
  3. Now you can either detach the hooks of your curtains but you can also just tie something around it
    (like a sock or a washing glove) to make sure the hooks don’t get stuck in the curtains while washing them.
  4. Check the washing temperature on the label. If there’s nothing written on there, you should just stick
    to the rule of maximum 30 degrees.
  5. You can either choose to wash them in the washing machine, or in a spacious bathtub. The washing
    machine has a higher chance of shrinkage.
  6. Pay attention to what kind of soap you use. It should not contain bleach or optic whitener because
    this will cause discoloration. The best is to use multicolour washing soap or fine washing soap.
  7. Make sure you never rub or wrench your curtains.
  8. After washing your curtains, hang them up when they are still wet to prevent wrinkles. Never put them
    in the dryer because this will cause them to shrink.

For a quick video tutorial, you should watch this video.

For more information about cleaning your curtains, you should read the article on

Now you know that although cleaning curtains yourself can take some of your time, it is not really a big deal.
Switch it up from time to time to dry cleaning curtains at your local shop with doing it yourself.
But most of all, maintain them regularly!