5 Halal Certified Steakhouse in KL


If you are a meat lover, be prepared to be on a “meatcursion” every now and then when the craving starts rolling in. Not only can you find the best steak in KL, but there are spots where they actually offer halal certified meat cuts to meet the requirements of the local patrons. In most western countries, halal option for meats could be a rare find, therefore plenty of the steakhouse in KL really do keep this in mind for their customers – especially when the country’s biggest population here are Muslims.

So if you are a fan of the giant slab of red meat chargrilled to its finest but in its halal form, take a look at some of the halal certified steakhouse in KL you can easily find.

1. TTDI Meat Point


Picking your favourite meat cuts from the chiller and sending it to the cook to whip up your steak to your preferred choice of flavours – that seems like a popular thing to do now. Meat Point is a proudly halal steak-serving outlet that uses beef from grass-fed Australian cows.

Situated at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI) Petaling Jaya, this place is no doubt a spot where you could easily find in the stretch of iconic cafes and bars. If you aren’t so much of a beef buff, Meat Point also offers other meats like lamb loins, salmon fillets and many more that you could choose from the chiller. Klang Valley carnivores, take note of Meat Point as a must-go destination for its succulent steak.

2. Las Vacas

This is another food joint that should satisfy even the most discerning of meat connoisseurs. Las Vacas features professionally trained butchers stocked with prime meats as well as a wide range of selection of prepared items on the menu. You can opt for premium beef cuts of striploin, tenderloin, t-bone, rump and ribeye choosing between grass-fed or grain-fed Australian meats.

You could stop in to recreate the steak of your own choice by picking up your primary cuts and the kitchen will prepare it for you. Other specialties that are highly recommended would be the family favourites like pies, sausages and lamb dishes. Las Vacas now has three outlets in Klang Valley – Kelana Jaya, Mont Kiara and KLCC.

3. El Fresco

You might find this restaurant’s location a little strange at first but El Fresco is a restaurant that sits in the middle of a grocery store called Jaya Grocer – which is one of the best supermarkets that hosts quality local and imported food products. With the existence of El Fresco, you can enjoy having fresh meat and seafood from the grocery cooked to order as well.

After paying at the cashier in Jaya Grocer, bring your purchase and receipt over to El Fresco and tell them how you like your meat. If you would like extras to go with your steak, you can order sides as an add on (salads, mixed vegetables, fries, mashed potato). The best part about El Fresco? Your steak is cooked for free! Honestly, you can really either go expensive or go much cheaper on the choice of cuts depending on how much your wallet has to offer.

Where to find El Fresco? Find your nearest Jaya Grocer outlets here.

4. Marble 8

If you decide to go for really good premium steaks along with special service that draws attention to detail and grace, try Marble 8 by Modesto Marini. Your experience at Marble 8 simply oozes layers of sophistication, from its top selection of music to elevate your senses to the pinnacle of steakhouse dining with its own signature Marble 8 cuts.

Appreciate the flavours and textures of dry-aged beef, all against the backdrop of Kuala Lumpur’s most astonishing skyline. Here you not only have halal-certified steaks cooked to perfection, but doubling up with an ambiance you cannot have elsewhere.

Reason to visit? Great atmosphere, great steak, great service, and great music. Check out Danielfooddiary.com for a review.

5. Jake’s Charbroil Steaks


Jake’s can be discovered at the prestigious Starhill Gallery of Kuala Lumpur, where they provide the best steak in KL making your dining experience feel complete. It was said that their best selection of meats are cooked to perfection filled with flavour and tenderness, such as the Black Angus series. All the steaks are served with a choice of sauces like black pepper, garlic, or mushroom. Unless of course if you prefer devouring the meat on its own to savour the original flavour of the juicy steak.

They even have another branch situated at Medan Damansara for those who live closer by the premise. Most importantly, it is 100% halal and safe for Muslim customers to enjoy.

What other halal-certified steakhouses do you know of in Kuala Lumpur? Let us know!