Tips For House Renovations


You probably have heard many horror stories about renovations that completely failed. Often all fails are caused by only one thing; not enough preparation.

When renovating, you will encounter many complications which can result in high tensions between you and your family. Don’t let it come this far. To prevent all this unnecessary stress, we will now share tips to make sure your renovation process will pass as smooth as possible.

Make a survival plan


First of all, make a plan of approach. This maybe sounds a little exaggerated but this is essential in renovating your home because you need a general guideline for yourself, so you will know exactly what you want and need for that. Ask yourself questions like; “Why do I want to renovate my house?”, “Do I want more light in my house?”, “Do I need more space in the living room?”. Think about your wishes and preferences and place them from important to less important so you know which things you really need and which you can leave when it gets too expensive or complicated.

Estimate your budget

budget calculation

After you decided your general guideline for the renovation, it’s time to estimate your budget. This way you can calculate exactly how much you want to spend on your renovation and what plans can be turned into reality. Keep in mind to always have sufficient leeway for unexpected costs so that you are not experiencing financial problems.

Be organised


Unfortunately, you cannot survive your renovation without a good organisation of your appointments and paperwork. How you organise your documents differs per person. Create a system that works for you. You can keep them in folders, for example 1 folder for each floor and each category separated from each other. Besides, keep a list with all the important phone numbers and contact information. A good organisation may take up a lot of time, but it will take away a lot of stress during the renovation itself!

Stick to your planning


Keep in mind that certain ordered parts can arrive later than you would have hoped and anticipated on. Also people can abandon you and leave you with nothing. This is all completely out of your control but it can really slow down your project and cost you a lot of money. Therefore, try to plan everything with some extra margin, so that in case something goes wrong, you will still be on schedule. It’s better to schedule earlier than too late of course.

Hire people to help you


As much as you (and your budget) would like to do the job yourself, it will definitely also bring a lot of stress with it, as you are probably more inexperienced than others. Ask yourself if it is useful to do things yourself, when others can do it much faster and more precise.
For example for roof tiling you should definitely hire some roof tiling experts. Slaters roofing can be expensive sometimes but there are many roof tilers & slaters that are able to offer you a good price for their service. Be honest to yourself and choose 1 or 2 rooms which you would like to do yourself and leave the rest to others.
After these tips, you are definitely more prepared for your renovation. Keep in mind to be flexible. A renovation reminds us about the fact that there are a lot of things we don’t have under control and often the only thing that takes us further is to just accept it. What seems like a really big problem now will make you laugh later.

Would you still like to try roof tiling yourself? Watching a tutorial first could help you get started easier. Check out the video below for an explanation of how you can do roof tiling.

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